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What are the Perfect Newborn Basket Ideas or Gifts for Baby Baskets and Keepsakes

After nine months of waiting, a new baby finally comes, after this amazing event how do we welcome the little one! Since we are friends and family of the parents, we intend to celebrate the baby’s arrival with a gift that will be memorable. A newborn basket idea or a baby keepsake box inscribed with a personal note is a nice gesture to help the new parents celebrate the birth of their baby.

At Baby Box Shop all of our items are designed to be unique and make with care; we offer a wide variety of: newborn baskets, baby hampers and gift sets to choose from. If you have no idea what to buy, take a browse through our online catalog, whatever your budget we’re sure you’ll find something that will fit your quest to find the best gift for newborn.

What Makes a Good Choice for Parents of a Newborn

With such a wide range of gift options for a newborn, you want to make the right choice and one that is not just a beautiful gift but practically helpful too. Contemplate what will be really handy for the parents every day use. A few useful newborn essentials you could consider to be included:

  • Hooded baby towels, muslins and baby facecloths .
  • Baby care toiletry products, including soft and gentle shampoo, lotion, and baby soap.
  • Baby clothes including bibs, burp cloths, and socks.
  • Swaddling blankets and baby blankets of soft nature will give a sense of a cosy and secure environment.
  • Gently baby brush and comb set kit
  • A little teddy bear for that first loving companion

Make you gift particularly special by personalising it by embroidering the baby’s name or date of birth. With baby hampers this can be done by embroidering some of the items like a bodysuit or bib. Alternatively, you can choose to have a blanket or comforter toy personalized all of which turn a gift into a keepsake that will be cherished and put away into a memory box. Most of the baby gift sets and baby hampers in the Baby Box Shop range can be elevated with some personalization.

 Get Creative with Keepsake Ideas

Beyond the newborn necessities, commemorative keepsakes are precious mementoes the parents can treasure for years. Creative gift ideas that capture baby’s first days, weeks, or months:

  • Customised photo frames or a baby memory book
  • Handprint/footprint keepsake kit
  • Baby milestone cards to signpost photos
  • Custom birth announcement or framed birth stats
  • Engraved piggy bank, jewellery box, or ornament

Consider Baby Gift Hampers

For an extra special and meaningful baby gift, you can’t go wrong with the uniqueness of baby gift hampers or baby gift baskets. Some of our best-selling newborn baby gifts come in the form of keepsake boxes and hampers that include the following array of items:

  • Newborn Essentials Baby Gift Hampers: Filled with blankets, hooded towels, toiletries, nappies & bath time products – all really useful and practical items that can be used straight away.
  • Baby Gift Baskets: Adorable baby clothing items, waffle blankets, various cuddle teddy bears, and animal comforters – which babies often become attached to!
  • Newborn Baby Gifts for Bath Time: Our signature baby bath gift hamper brings together all the elements needed to enhance this precious fun filled and bonding moments
  • Baby Shower Gifts: The range of baby gift hampers available on the Baby Box Shop website are perfect for baby shower gifts. Particularly handy if you are in a rush and need to find a unique complete gift that you can get delivered quickly.

There are so many creative and heartfelt newborn gift sets to celebrate the arrival of the new bundle of joy

Newborn Gift Ideas Based on Budget

New parents never expect expensive baby presents, so even small gifts that show thoughtfulness are wonderful. Here are newborn gift ideas for every budget:

  • A cute cuddly grey elephant teddy combined with a soft cellular blanket and a pair of gorgeous cotton booties. All beautifully packed in a silver and white case keepsake box
  • Lots of individual small gifts like teddy bears, Animal themed comforters, blankets, towels. and muslins.
  • Luxurious baby gift hampers packed full of newborn essentials like baby clothes, bibs, teddy bears, toiletries, nappies and much more
  • Small baby gift baskets with a selection of premium items like a photo frame, animal themed rattle, muslins, burp cloths, booties, hat & mittens
  • Upgrade almost anything by choosing the personalized option or contact Baby Box Shop and enquire about something bespoke

Write a Personalised Card Message   

Complete baby gift hamper with a heartfelt new baby gift message to the new parents and the addition to their family. When thinking about what to write, consider:

  • Congratulating the parents on their new arrival
  • Hopes and excitement around watching a baby grow
  • How you’ll cherish being part of the baby’s life
  • Best wishes for the new chapter they’re embarking on

Gift-Giving from the Heart

There are so many unique newborn gift ideas to make a baby’s arrival feel extra special, but what matters most is giving from a place of love and thoughtfulness. We hope these gift recommendations and ideas inspire you to celebrate in the arrival of a new member of the family!

When you’re ready to pick out that perfect newborn gift basket, hamper or keepsake box, visit our shop at or speak to one of our Baby Gift Experts. We’re happy to help make that first newborn present absolutely memorable!